Skills and Competency Requirements:

  • Develops and implements safety program to prevent or correct unsafe environmental working conditions, utilizing knowledge of industrial processes, mechanics, chemistry, psychology, and industrial health and safety laws: Examines plans and specifications for new machinery or equipment to determine if all safety precautions have been included.
  • Determines amount of weight that can be safely placed on per floor.
  • Tours construction site to inspect fire and safety equipment, machinery, and facilities to identify and correct potential hazards and ensure compliance with safety regulations.
  • Determines requirements for safety clothing and devices, and designs, builds, and installs, or directs installation of safety devices on machinery.
  • Conducts or coordinates safety and first aid training to educate workers about safety policies, laws, and practices.
  • Investigates construction/industrial accidents to minimize recurrence and prepares accident reports.
  • May conduct air quality tests for presence of harmful gases and vapors.
  • Inspects equipment, tools, and working conditions to ensure safety of workers engaged in construction and maintenance of overhead and underground power lines: Inspects safety belts, ladders, ropes, rubber goods, and tools and replaces those not meeting safety requirements.
  • Observes crews at work and reports laxity in safety precautions, such as failure to use goggles, rubber gloves, and other safety devices.
  • Examines conditions of ditches and tunnels and recommends use of braces to prevent cave-ins endangering workers.
  • Investigates accidents to determine causes and devises preventive measures.
  • May instruct workers in use of safety equipment and safe work methods.



  1. With Construction Occupational, Safety and Health Training (COSH) accredited by Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).
  2. Knowledge of the National Building Code of the Philippines (RA No. 6541) and Fire Code of the Philippines 2008 (RA No. 9514).
  3. Knowledge in MS Project.
  4. Knowledge in MS Office.