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Matching Skills and Training with Industry needs

ESCA President Dr. Ernesto de Castro (first from left) answers a question at the recent 2017 Asia BPM Summit. Moderating the panel discussion is ESCA Chief Executive Officer Atty. Jean de Castro (fourth from the right). Photo from

Quezon City, Philippines, 17 March 2017 –  ESCA president Dr Ernesto de Castro joined the nation’s most powerful and connected leaders of the industry that is driving the Philippine economy at the 2017 Asia BPM Summit held at the Manila Marriot Hotel this week.

During the panel discussion, Dr. de Castro spoke about the need to align the talent produced by the academe with what the industry requires. He also reported on the actions he has taken to partner with government, industry, academe – both higher educational institutions and technical vocational education — to be able to produce knowledge professionals with necessary industry-based skillsets.

ESCA, one of the nation’s leading engineering firms, recently entered into an Industry-Academe and Training Partnership Agreement with the University of the East (UE) on Building Information Modeling or BIM. This will allow UE to eventually offer BIM as part of its undergraduate and graduate courses.

With an increasing global demand for BIM services, solutions, and knowledge professionals, Dr de Castro is also launching a Knowledge Academy for a Structured Learning Experience on BIM and other technological opportunities shaping the global architectural, engineering and construction sector.

Dr. Ernesto de Castro is spearheading the country’s major push into engineering services outsourcing (ESO) as part of the initiative he started as the 2016 Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE) National President for the Philippines to become a “Center of Excellence for Engineering Services by 2022”.