Structural Engineering


Over the years, ESCA has honed a range of competencies in the field of structural engineering. It is a recognized expert in the industry as evidenced by completed projects and returning clients.

The firm pioneered the use of long-span structures, high-strength concrete and innovative structural systems to accommodate design requirements. Moreover, ESCA utilizes the latest structural software available today, making complete analyses, including static, dynamic, linear, non-linear and P-Delta, possible in minutes. The effects of changes in size, location and type of materials in columns, beams and walls can also be easily determined. This helps the company achieve optimum design efficiently.

Vertical Structures

  • Buildings and bridges
  • Towers and antennae
  • Domes and gymnasiums
  • Plates and membranes
Foundation and Substructures

  • Machine foundations
  • Piles and caissons
  • Pipes and tunnels
  • Drainage structures
Structural Consultation

  • Design and analysis
  • Earthquake engineering
  • Vibration and fatigue
  • Structural dynamics
  • Design review
Structural Investigation

  • Retrofitting of buildings and bridges
  • Repair and rehabilitation
Marine and Offshore Structures

  • Ports and harbors
  • Piers, groins and breakwaters
Materials and Construction Technology

  • Carbon fiber
  • Precast, prestress and posttension
  • Lift-slab and tilt-up construction
Retaining Structures

  • Dams
  • Flood control
  • Slope protection

  • Roads
  • Pavements

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